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cotton-1Benefits of Cotton

We always make reference to the benefits of cotton, but have you ever seen a list? Researched by Cotton Council International, with information gathered from Cotton Australia and Cotton Incorporated, we’re building that list.

  • Cotton is hypoallergenic meaning it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies.It is also good for asthmatics.
  • Cotton is very soft, which is why it is particularly favored for underwear and garments that get close to the skin.
  • Cotton is long lasting if well looked after.
  • Cotton can be easily blended with other fibers such as synthetics like polyester or lycra.
  • Cotton can be given a coating or a finish; so it can be used in products like heat-resistant fire fighting uniforms.
  • Cotton can be easily dyed various colors because of its highly absorbent property.
  • Cotton is a good conductor of heat.

We have a unique advantage in supplying/exporting of raw cotton. Our qualified staff is trained to carefully examine cotton seed and assign the grade. There are several different types/grades of cotton:

• Afzal
• Alaka
• 1467
• Adnas
• 1505
• 1503
Our cotton testing facilities are located throughout Pakistan.
As Transtrade International is always growing we have connections
with some of the largest cotton production countries.