Masoor Daal


Masoor are the seeds of a bushy plant contained in long pods which are plucked, dried and threshed. The seeds within have a casing around them and are available whole or peeled and split.

Green & Yellow Moong Daal


A tiny, round dried bean (about 1/8 inch in diameter) with a thick outer skin that may be green, brown or black in colour. When peeled, the inside of the bean provides a mustard-coloured, soft-textured meat that is sweet in flavour, tender when cooked and easily digested. Originating in India, the bean is referred to as Yellow Moong, Yellow Split Mung or Moong Dal, where it is often used to make curries and a food dish referred to as "Dal" or making batters for pancakes and fritters.

Toor Daal


In some parts of Pakistan, toor dal is slightly oiled to increase shelf-life, more so when the lentils are exported. Therefore shops outside of Pakistan usually stock the oily variety of toor dal. They are very easy to digest and have a pleasant, subtle, and nutty flavour.

Channa Daal

Channa dal is a widely grown lentil in Pakistan. It is an important pulse crop of the country This dal, besan (flour), crushed of whole gram, boiled or parched, roasted or cooked, salted, unsalted , or sweatened, both green foliage and grain, are the forms in which it is consumed by the people.


Maash Daal

Black Mapte Split (Maash Daal) is the specialty of our country. We are the major suppliers of Black Mapte Split (Maash Daal) in Pakistan. In addition we are exporting it to different parts of the world.


Kabuli Chana

Kabuli Chana, like other pulses, grow in pods on small, bushy plants. They thrive in cold climates and are cultivated extensively in the cool, dry Indo-Gangetic plains of Pakistan.

Kala Chana

Found mainly in coastal and Central Pakistan, Kala Chana is also referred to as wild peas. They grow in pods like fresh green peas on small shrubs. When the pods mature, they are plucked and sun dried until they turn brown. Kala chana have a strong, earthy aroma, a thick skin and a pleasant nutty flavour. They have to be soaked for 6 to 8 hours before cooking.

Moth Beans

We carry the finest, most nutritious Moth Beans. Supplying and exporting it all over the globe.